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si desean..

hey does anybody know, I mean I imagine when I delete this thing everything disappears? So is there a way to save everything like on a word doc or something? Or would I have to save every thing one at a time? …actually I don’t even know if I wanna save all this shit anyway. .well whatever’s been fun and stuff..peace and love and all that..

Im supposed tp write 1500 words today..thats a lot

I was tagged in a post to say five nice things about myeslf haaa. It’s been in the back of my mind…but umm.. truthful y I don’t like myself I think. Maybe this is an apology . Ha

1. I hate me in Tennessee
2 way across, over the sea
3 and probably so does she
4 and he
5 hahahahh the world is full of fucking glee. But not me. This is definitely not tea.

this is a great way of coping ha. im not like the strong people i need help getting through . Oh hi liquid selfdestruction.

I didn’t ask for life

ahahahahha I’m going to end up in chattanooga again. ..ahhahah someone shoot my fucking brain..I don’t want to live
Im never going to leave.ever.ever hshaha the rest of my goddamned life…I hope its short.
hahahb can I please don’t makeme live

well..that was unnaturally bold
and unsuccessful. .ha
ahh mi tengo mente

apparently football is a great motivator, as I’ve reached my “goal” of writing 1000 words per day all before 5pm ha! jk..actually today just happened to coincide with an easy section of el dissertation. hehe


I sat around that fire
And I found, I could not speak
I had no words, no voice, lost
The old man, wise man
Sighing he said,
“I know, what you would ask
I know what aches, unrelenting”
He said,
“Some questions must remain, unanswered
Some secrets, they stay hidden
Yet, keep holding onto this”
He said,
“Your mother was the Jaguar
And in you, her heart is strong
Fierce, kind, and gentle
If you’ll fight to find it
You’ll know she’s there”
He said,
“Your father was the Rain god
And in you, are storms, and thunder wild
Sometimes brooding, fleeing, flying
Yet remember this, in rain
There is always life, if you’ll seize it”