"So put on your 'Che' Guevara hat!"

These are my thoughts:

tea and honey

tea and honey

and I said, hey lovely
will you, could you
be my honey?

lovely said, she said
oh, you’ve got nothin’
don’t be silly

so I said, I blundered
we could sip
on tea and honey

and clever, silly, simple words
those I have, aplenty
I could write you, lovely

lovely said, she said
oh, don’t be silly
please, don’t be silly

sippin’ tea and honey

It’s July, she said
So look to the sky
It’s a rainbow, the sky’s a rainbow

It’s July, she said
So it’s ok to forget
Don’t forget, to daydream

Again, it’s July
Under another sky
And she’s a daydream, my dream

a bright red car

I saw a small red car, today
Shiny wheels and happy tunes
It reminded me of a girl, today
Brown hair, sweet smile
And full of lies
And I know it’s been awhile
But I saw a bright red car, today
And it reminded me of a girl, today


I’d like to plant tulips
Cool dirt, earthworms, a warm day
Hands, knees, a budding hope
Expectant bulbs, clear water
A bursting of life

I know

I know, there’s love in this life
I have, I have felt it
I know there’s kindness
I am its product
I know there’s good
I have, I have felt peace
And I promise, I promise
I try to hold on
I try to keep it, remember
But these days, these days
Are so dark


I wish, I hope
I dreamt
For a world
A life
Of love
Love and so much peace
As I’ve found, I’ve grown
A most fragile heart

Rain Puddles

She took my hand, saying,
“Let’s run out in this rain!
Let’s dance the afternoon away!”
So we ran, until breathless
We moved our feet, in pitter-patter rhythm
Until she opened up her pretty mouth, in laughter
She swallowed up the rain, she became a puddle
A pond, a lake, she became the ocean
So I swam in her, I drowned in her
I put a sail upon my coracle
And I’ve been lost in her forever


the moth
it circles, circles
‘round the lamp light
what does it search for?
what does it look for?
i had to know, needed
so i attached, my moth wings
my six limbs, jointed, creaking
i flitted, flighty
leaving shadows, on the walls
the moth
it circles, circles
‘round the lamp light
what am i searching for?
what am i looking for?

Nights Like These

She laughed,
On nights of too much wine
Of how I said,
“Do you see the stars so bright?
Does your heart wander, when they shine so?
Did you see those flowers, that take the breath away?
Do you ever long for peace?
For now, for you and I, here, to be forever?”
She laughed,
On nights like these
As her lips brushed mine


I climbed those ancient stones
They say they’re Maya, Olmec, or Aztec
I think perhaps we’re all just bones, of Maize
Hearts of Earth and blood of Rain
Upon that pyramid, amidst that stunning view
I called upon the gods, those ancient gods
I asked them why we’re here, why we’re here at all
Their voices in the rustling trees, a falling rain, the winds’ howl
Their voices whispered of sacrifice, of their need for hearts
They spoke of an ancient emptiness, an emptiness they tried to fill
I stood atop those ancient stones, rain soaked
I wondered at their bloodlust, their violence, their hollow tears
And I thought, perhaps we’re the same
These ancient gods and I, in terrifying emptiness
And I hoped, my emptiness would never be
As foul, as violent, as terrifying